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    Nothing motivates people like cold hard cash. My control idea is as simple as it gets and does not cost the fisherman, the government, or the environment in any way. Simply, FWC should remove recreational and COMMERCIAL fishing restrictions for lionfish. The demand for lionfish is steadily rising. If any angler/diver could harvest these fish and sell them for profit the interest in harvesting them would greatly increase. Instead of just harvesting 100 to get an additional fish, anglers would harvest thousands for cold hard cash. Lionfish are less commercially viable only because there is not a cost effective way to harvest them. Recreational fisherman don't care about making huge profit, only offsetting expenses and making a dollar or two. An entire industry could be built by this simple law change while removing this threat to our waters.

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    The requirement to have a different license to sell, classifies you as commercial and adds lots of other requirements as far as the coast guard is concerned

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    I think his point is to WAIVE the commercial licensing requirements for lionfish ONLY, to include being able to harvest AND sell them.

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    Believe it or not, when the first lionfish was spotted off our coast, the FWC had a daily catch limit and a fishing license requirement to harvest lionfish! I'm not making that's true. For 2 years, I pleaded with the FWC to remove those 2 insane regulations but got nowhere. It wasn't until I had a 15 minute conversation with FL State Senator Don Gaetz that those regulations were removed. Yep, it took 2 years and the interest of the President of the Florida State Senate to remove those insane regulations!

    Wudro, I have advocated this very idea to the top people in the FWC. They said no.

    I also said they should remove the requirement that sales are ONLY to the fish houses. Remove the middle man so that the fish could be sold directly to restaurants. They said no.

    I also suggested that they remove all regulations on sales of lionfish and they guessed it, no.

    One thing that I have learned is that the only thing regulators are good at is creating more and more regulations. Actually, they are great at this. Anything that will create a need to grow the size of their agencies and the need for more law enforcement to inforce their laws is considered a good thing to regulators. It doesn't matter that there are better and less costly ways to accomplish responsible fishery management. They understand controlling people, they do not understand allowing people to solve problems without being controlled. What a shame.

    While the fishery managers may have good intentions (?), they do not have the resources to accomplish what needs to be done. They allowed the lionfish crisis to grow without taking any action for almost 3 decades. They KNEW the lionfish was a serious threat a decade before they ever reached the panhandle and yet, they stayed silent about the problem, not even warning the counties about the threat that was heading our way. It wasn't until I started talking to the Senate Appropriations Committee about the problem that the FWC ever took any action on the lionfish crisis. By this time, the entire Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico were invaded!

    Shameful, to say the least!
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