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Thread: 6 pack license?

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    Question 6 pack license?

    Does anyone on here have a 6 pack license? I'm toying with the idea of getting one but I want to know what I'm getting in to before I spent the money, and time.


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    jonesrw, it all depends on your purpose for getting the license. The 6 pack has always been a great starting point.
    Capt. Frankie

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    I wanted to see about taking out people bay fishing. I'm teaching an intro to bay fishing class on base at Outdoor Rec. I have lots of people asking me about taking them out fishing. I could only take 2 adults or maybe 1 adult and 2 kids but still might be able to make some money at it. I've seen some 'services' on line that provide you with all the study materials and claim that the CG will accept their test. So, I'd have the cost of that, increased boat insurance, CPR certification, First Aid cert, and a charter fishing license. All of which I'm sure need to be renewed each year. Am I missing anything?

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    The USCG License would renew every 5 years, your boat would need to have commercial registration, and either your boat would have to carry a state charter license or you would have to get a state charter captains license. There might be some other things to keep in mind also. You might check on Sea School for their course they used to come to Destin on weekends to do the class.
    Capt. Frankie

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