Below is a link to NOAA's announcement about the Alabama Fishing Fleet requesting an exempted fishing permit. What does that mean to you? Well, when the last exempted fishing permit was issued to 17 boats in the Gulf of Mexico, they received 5.7% of the entire red snapper allocation in the Gulf. Add that to the 51% allocation to the Commercial Fishermen and that is 56.7% of the red snapper fishery allocated to approximately 417 boats in the Gulf.

There were 1.3 million recreational fishing licenses sold in Florida alone last year. I don't know how many were sold in Alabama, Louisanna, Mississippi, or Texas but, you get the idea...there are several million recreational fishermen that already are being forced to share 43.3% of the GOM red snapper fishery. That's why you got just 9 days this year to fish for Red Snapper in Federal Waters while 413 boats are allowed to fish for Red Snapper year round!

If the the boats in the Alabama fishing fleet are gifted a catch share, what will be left for the millions of fishermen who just want to feed their own families and have some recreation time with their family and friends?

How do these things keep getting approved? The recreational fisherman is unaware of what is happening most of the time and they are silent. The old saying "The squeeky wheel gets the grease" is right and the recreational fisherman is not squeeking but, those who want a gifted allocation are VERY vocal.

To have your voice heard, here is the e-mail for comments:, with subject line "ACFAC EFP"