Hello Gang,

Unfortunately, the recent upgrade caused several problems. For a while, uploaded pictures remained the size of thumbnails and we lost PhotoPost completely (making us buy the newest version of PhotoPost). A big issue that Candy just recently fixed, was a problem with emails taking a week or more to leave the forum out box.

The current problem is the loss of attachments made in old posts. Mostly, that means that pictures uploaded in a post may look like they are still there, but clicking on the link goes nowhere. Most members that have been around a while won't notice because we read the new stuff and don't often go back to old threads.

There is a big "HOWEVER, COMMA" - New members may go back into the archives to see what has been going on for the past 8 years and find attachments that don't work. I propose the following: If anyone finds an attachment that doesn't work and it was in a post made by "stone", "candy", or "admin", I can probably find the original on my computer or Candy's computer and replace the attachment. In this case, send a private message to "stone" and I will try to fix the link (I fixed a link for a new member just the other night). If someone finds a broken attachment in another member's post, only the original poster can fix the link. If an existing member is asked to replace a picture or attachment, the best thing to do is go to the post where the link is broken and copy the name of the broken attachment. Use the old name to search for the original on your computer, delete the broken attachment, and reload the new attachment.

Sorry for the problems - I guess it is the price of "progress".