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    I got tagged by a Lionfish spine yesterday through the Akona All-ArmorTex glove I was wearing

    I was lucky as the spine went through the glove and barely punctured the skin on my index finger and I had no reaction to it. I turned the glove inside out and found a 3mm long spine stuck in the glove about 2mm of the spine was poking through to the inside.

    I just ordered some needle resistant gloves. --from SafeSpear

    If you are going to mess with the Lionfish make sure you have needle resistant gloves!

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    ECRA has those same gloves available for a donation of $30.00. Stone and I each have a pair.

    I don't want to find out if I'm the one that will have an allergic reaction to the lionfish sting. Besides, who even wants to have a sting that feels like a bee sting if they can protect themselves from getting stung?
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