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Thread: News about lionfish and licenses!

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    Default News about lionfish and licenses!

    "stolen" off Pensacola fishing forum. Are we happy now, Candy?

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    Best news I've seen in awhile. Almost makes you think someone was actually listening!

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    Great news, only if this could get out to the public.... TV news? NW Daily News?

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    Default Executive Order

    Among the 187 e-mails that I had to sift through after coming home from my vacation, one was from the FWC with the Executive Order removing the fishing license requirement and the daily catch limit!

    MY SMILE IS JUST ABOUT TO CRACK MY FACE! THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY!!!!! This is a big step in the right direction.

    I want to extend my tremendous thanks to the almost 300 people who signed the petition to remove the fishing license and daily catch limit for the lionfish!

    We all extend an Enourmous Thanks to Senator Don Gaetz for taking time to sit with me on June 19, 2012 and listen to my concerns about the lionfish. Thank you so much Senator Don Gaetz for contacting the FWC Commission asking them to answer my concerns!

    A huge thank you also to the FWC Commissioners for completing the Executive Order so quickly, after being contacted by Senator Don Gaetz. Your Executive Order will allow all divers to legally target this invasive fish that threatens to destroy our native fishery.

    Again, thank you all for your support for these regulation changes. It is your love of our fishery that will save it for future generations!

    Now, lets all go kill some Lionfish!
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