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    The number of lionfish is amazing. We were chasing shovelnose (got 10) and I am of the opinion it is a matter of when, not if I get popped by one. I look before I reach but they are so slow and not skittish that I will lay or roll onto one some time. The little bastards are everywhere.


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    Default Lionfish Round-up

    ECRA is in the planning stage of a LIONFISH ROUND-UP.

    The tournament will be July 14th at Harbor Walk Marina, so mark your calendars!

    We will host another lionfish workshop to teach safe kill and handling techniques as well as how to clean these delicious white meat fish.

    Right now, we are requesting local businesses to sponsor our event. If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact me at

    Contributions to ECRA are tax deductable! Click on the attachment to see the sponsor letter.

    If you know of any businesses that might help us out, please share this letter with them. Lots of businesses budget for charitable giving.
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