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Thread: Standard Horizon Fuel Flow meter

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    Question Standard Horizon Fuel Flow meter

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement Standard Horizon FF41 Fuel flow guage? The buttons on mine aren't making contact very well and I can't add fuel or change displays. Bass Pro and West marine are listed as dealers but neither show them on their web site. I calleed Bass Pro and left a message. No returned call. ??

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    Post old web page

    BQ, thanks, I saw that web page too. I called them and they told me that it was an old page and they no longer carry or even make my fuel flow meter. I ended up buying a different that fit in my existing mount and even used the existing transducer.

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    Is the Horizon made by Faria? They sure look similar.
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    I don't know if they make (made) them, but I ended up buying a Faria. It fit right into the hole in my dash and even used the same transducer. Not cheap but the easiest solution I could find.

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    We have owned 2 faria fuel flow meters. They each lasted just over a year. We thought the price was great but now...well, turned out to be pretty expensive for just over a year each. It was like they had time bombs in them to go off just after the warranty expired.

    Rich, if you can buy an extended warranty, you might want to do it if/while the option exists.
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