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Thread: Nice list of reefs in the bay

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    Default Nice list of reefs in the bay

    Found this on another forum, great link.


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    Wow. That is a great site!!!! I'm going to have to plot those out and check out a few and see how many still hold anything.

    Thanks for posting!!

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    I agree with you this is an interesting list indeed. I have never seen some of these numbers, for that matter I have never heard of some of these wrecks. I will be plotting them to see if I have them listed as something else.

    Thanks Sea-r-cy

    I like the fact that for the Bay Cones there is a link to a "ECRA reef report", I think that would be Stone and Candy's report on how the Cones lay.
    Capt. Frankie

  4. Default New Website with Sortable GPS Coordinates Lists

    Just like to share with everyone the new website Florida Go Fishing that has a section of their website with a SORTABLE column list of GPS Coordinates for reefs around Florida.

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    Thanks for posting that! There are a lot of sites on there that I've never heard of.

    But I can tell people that many of the older sites will be very hard to find. Those spots were deployed and marked with LORAN and when the LORAN numbers were converted to GPS, there is a large margin for error.

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