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Thread: ECRA to Sponsor 2 Boats in Rodeo

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    I live in Val-p, FL. My boat lives in Niceville & I dive off the coast of Destin.

    Default ECRA to Sponsor 2 Boats in Rodeo

    ECRA is looking for 2 boats to sponsor in the Destin Rodeo.

    We want an ECRA Member that is willing to take at least 2 other ECRA members fishing during the rodeo. Planning to fish multiple times during the rodeo will make your boat a top pick!

    In the event fishermen/women on the boat win any categories, all we ask is that the boat be listed as EMERALD Coast Reef Association # 1 or #2 and the Members post on the forum about their fishing adventures each time they fish. If you win prizes or money, it's yours to keep! Just share the fun on the forum!

    ECRA will pay the entry fee and each person going on the boat would pay their share of the gas and provide their own fishing gear & bait. This is for ECRA members.

    ECRA will provide banners for you to fly on your boat for the Rodeo.

    We'll need a volunteer who owns a boat and volunteer ECRA members to go out as much a possible during the month of October.

    This will give members a chance to get to know each other, have some fun fishing and get the Emerald Coast Reef Association name out there!

    We'd like the boats to go fishing as many times as possible and to take as many different ECRA members fishing as possible during the rest of the month.

    If you have a boat you'd like to enter or if you want to go fishing on an ECRA sponsored boat, please reply to this post.

    This idea is late in coming so we need volunteers a.s.a.p.

    Here's the legal crap: ECRA does not assume liability for any mishap during any trip taken by a sponsored boat or for the persons on the boat. Every participant should accept full responsibility for their respective liability.
    President, ECRA
    Reef Deployment Director

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    Default Too late

    A couple of weeks too late. I'm already registered. Sea-r-cy

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    Awesome idea ... I like it!


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