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    Question Anybody interested ??

    I know most people on here have off shore boats but ... is anyone interested in a little trout/redfish/flounder tourney next month? We can host it out of my place on Rocky Bayou with a cook out afterwards. I'm thinking Nov 14 or 21. Doesn't have to be for cash. I'm thinking winner would be determined by largest total weight of your best trout, redfish, and flounder.

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    We don't know much about trout fishing, but we would participate if the weather is suitable for our small boat. I think a fishfry is a great idea even without a tournament. We all have fish in our freezers to throw in the pot.

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    I'm sure I can talk a few other friends of mine into it. It would be great if we can get 15 or 20 people.

    So, for planning sake, let's say Nov 14th with a rain out date of Nov 21st.

    Fishing time will be from sun up till 3:30pm. Weigh ins will be at my dock in Niceville (directions provided later). Immediately followed by a fish fry, also at my place.

    Fishing can be anywhere between the Navarre bridge and the 331 bridge, as long as you're at the weigh ins by 3:30. Fish can be dead or alive (if you plan to release them).

    Each contestant gets to weigh in 1 trout, 1 red, and 1 flounder. Highest total weight wins.

    If you want to make it interesting, we can throw in $10/person ?? Pay out 75% for 1st and 25% for 2nd.

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    Question ???

    I guess not much interest?

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