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Thread: Any interest in a season long tournament?

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    You know you can always take up the fine art of Rod-N-Reel fishing with Martha and I.
    Capt. Frankie

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    I live in Val-p, FL. My boat lives in Niceville & I dive off the coast of Destin.



    Taking me R&R fishing in a tournament would be like dragging an anchor. LOL!!!

    I like you an Martha way too much to do that to you!
    President, ECRA
    Reef Deployment Director

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    OK - how about just removing the weights and just going by photographed length/girth measurements? Length would be the determining factor. Tie would rely on length/girth measurmeents to come up with approximate weight.

    Im in for the fishing competition.

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    OK, here's what I propose:

    2009 ECRA fishing/spearfishing tournament

    Starts May 1st.

    Rod and Reel Spearfisherman

    Red Snapper Grouper (red or gag)
    Grouper (red or gag) AJ
    AJ Flounder

    Winner to be determined by LONGEST LENGTH. Entrant must post a pic of fish next to a valid ruler, date caught, and a forum member must post as a witness. If your fishing/diving buddy ain't a forum member, why not??

    Entry fee: $5.00 person - $10 if you want to enter as R&R and Spear

    Example: $5.00 for me to enter in Rod and Reel, NOT $5.00 for snapper, $5.00 for grouper, $5 for AJ.

    Mail your entry fee to the ECRA mailing address. As I check the mail, I'll post who has entered. Winner to be determined at the end of the year.

    1st place pays 75% of total entry fees for your category
    2nd place pays 25% of total entry fees for your category

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    Question No interest?

    No one interested in this any more????

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    I am interested under the simplified rules that you have proposed Rich. I will be sending some measurements as soon as I get home in just over two weeks. Everyone has already had a 2 week head start on me, I have to allow 2 more. We will be fishing hard when I get the time away from work.

    Speaking of which, Rich you interested in going exploring for some deep water spots with Martha and I, we might just put a end to the big grouper early on.
    Capt. Frankie

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    Question nobody interested?

    I checked the ECRA mailbox on Saturday. No entries for this.

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    So are we doing this or what?
    Capt. Frankie

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    Default Contest

    Since the lack of interest in a season long contest, why don't we have a 1 week ECRA members only tournament? Wait until after snapper season opens to start it. Keep it simple, rod & reel only for snapper, grouper, kings, and jacks.
    We could match up boat owners with riders. This would be a good opportunity to meet new members and spend quality time with those that you already know.


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    I am still in favor of the season long contest. With weather concerns, among other things, any single date or group of dates probably would have to have an alternate set of dates. After all, this contest is about braggin' rights and not much more.

    I like the idea of using a tournament to get to know more members, maybe when we crown the winners at season end more of them would come to that Social for this.

    I am afraid we have just seen a surge of new members that like so many before them, most were only interested in the numbers they could get from the group I am not talking about the whole here. ECRA will benefit greatly because of some of our recent new members. Of the others I can't help notice that several haven't posted in a while. I suppose the have garnered what they could and went on their way. Of course sometimes I enjoy being wrong. I would especially enjoy being proven wrong with this.
    Capt. Frankie

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