The Lionfish is an Invasive Species that has the Potential to Destroy the Fishery in the Gulf of Mexico.  Please use the Following Links to Stay Informed

Nathan Battels, a student at the prestigious Collegiate High School, did a research paper on the lionfish titled “The Perfect Invader”.  ECRA is proud of the dedication of this young man to help protect our native species by bringing this topic to the attention of his professors and classmates.  We thank him for his participation in lionfish removals, off the coast of Destin Florida.  Click on the hyperlink above to read his paper.
Letters of Support for ECRA's LF Population Control Proposal
presented to the FWC Commission November 2015
Presentation to Florida Senate on 11 December 2013
Lionfish Population Control Program on 11 December 2013
General Lionfish Information
  • Facts
  • Safety
  • First Aid
  • Hunting
  • Reporting
General Lionfish Videos
  • How to Fillet a Lionfish
  • Lionfish Dissection
ECRA Activities in 2013
Lionfish Summit
22-24 Oct 13
Cocoa Beach, FL
16 Oct 13 - Lionfish Workshop - Panama City, Fl  
 Oct 13 - 2nd Annual ECRA Lionfish Tournament  
ECRA Activities in 2012
Oct 13 - 1st Annual ECRA Lionfish Tournament

Winners of the "Don Gaetz Champion of the Fishery Award" (2012)

Lionfish Population Control Proposal (2012)

 Information on the Lionfish Removal Program (Prizes)

The 2012 ECRA Lionfish Round-up

Thank You" Letters from NOAA and FWC