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The PUBLIC Forum is FREE Everyone is welcome and encouraged to register and participate on the Public Forum.  This will keep you in the loop when ECRA hosts Free events for the public and provides you with a great place to keep informed of fishery issues and regulations.


$75.00 per year is a Family Membership (Husband &Wife and/or minor children)

1.         Pay-Pal: The BEST way to Register for a PAID ECRA membership is to join ECRA for FREE on the Forum, then use Pay-pal to become a PAID member.  The instructions for FREE registration and Pay-Pal (PAID) registration are near the bottom of this page.  PAID registration grants you instant access to the Members-Only Benefits. (See detailed instructions below if you are not familiar with computers or forums)

2.  Join by Mail: Checks/or Money Orders Payable to:     

Emerald Coast Reef Association Inc.

Niceville, FL 32588-0273

P.O. Box 273

You must write your Forum Name on your check and register on the Forum before we can activate your "Members Only" access privileges.


3.  Join at any ECRA Event


Benefits of Membership


Not Available to the Public

  • GPS coordinates:  This is where you will find hundreds of GPS coordinates that have been donated to ECRA as well as Confirmed and Verified public numbers.  (This alone will save you enough fuel to pay for your membership in just one or two trips!)

  • ECRA Reef Building Projects:  The Members Only forum is where all the reef building discussions occur and ECRA members are invited to participate in Reef Building!  No experience needed

  • Discounts 4 MembersThe Members Only Forum has a section where discounts for our Members are offered by local businesses.

  • Free Personal Fishing & Dive Log

  • Longer Posts & Bigger Pictures etc

People on Monica 
  • Discounted entry fees for Tournaments & Events

  • Socials and Educational Workshops

  • Volunteer Appreciation Parties

  • New Fishing/Diving Buddies!

  • Volunteer Credits: Work or School






    Join the Forum for FREE

    1.  Go to the ECRA Forum and register as a new user (you must use a valid e-mail address).  Click on "Register" and you will see the screen below.  Your birth date is not shown unless you want it shown.  This entry lets the system know you are old enough to register.



    1.After you hit "proceed", follow a few simple instructions to input your "Username" - "Password" - "Email address" and answer a simple question that lets the system know you are a real person. Remember to click on the check box to agree to the Forum Rules.

    2.  You will see the screen below when you are finished registering.  An email will be sent to your email address.  Follow the instructions in the email and you will be done.



    If your access has not been granted within 24 hours, please


  • 1.  After registering as a non-paid Forum Member, enter the Forum using your username and password.  Click on "Forum Actions" then "Edit Profile" in the drop-down menu.


    2.  Scroll down and click on "Paid Subscriptions". 


     3.  Use the Drop-Down Menu to choose a "One-year Membership or a "Multiple-Year Membership".


     Important Note:  All “Members Only” information is sent to the e-mail address you provide.  If you provide an address that you don’t check, you will miss out on the Members-Only GPS numbers when they are released each year.  ECRA does NOT share your e-mail address with anyone, nor do we spam you.